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We have changed our name from the Lean Systems Institute to the Post-Lean Institute

After a decade focusing on redesigning modern knowledge-based organizations for breakthrough performance, three years ago we we began an exciting new journey. We set out to understand how disruption by exponential technologies was invalidating essentially all industrial-era assumptions about organizations, innovation, jobs and governance.

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Announcing the Post-Lean Academy

In November last year we began quietly offering on-site workshops on industry disruption for boards and management teams who wanted to learn more than what they had initially heard in conference keynotes. The initial feedback was very positive and we found that we could customize exercises and discussions to leave participants with actionable ideas and strategies.

We have now assembled these workshops into a curriculum we refer to as the Post-Lean Academy. Initially there are three workshops offered:

  • for boards (1/2 day)
  • for management teams (1 day)
  • for practitioners (3-5 days)

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Special session at the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium in London on May 24

Frode Odegard, our Founder, will be speaking about Post-Lean Thinking and industry disruption at a special hour-long session at the GVC Symposium next month. For more information see our events section.