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Career implications of the post-industrial transition
Podcast interview with Halelly Azulay from the TalentGrow show

Topics discussed in this interview include:

  • Why we are becoming a post-industrial civilization
  • Exponential technology development and its effecrs
  • The changing structure of industries
  • How firms are changing
  • Implications for leadership and culture
  • The changing relationship between people and firms
  • How people can prepare for what’s coming

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Welcoming Dr. Jim Spohrer and Mark Florman to our advisory board

Based in London, Mark is Chairman & CEO of Time Partners Ltd., a strategic consulting firm advising PE firms, LPs and portfolio companies on strategy, capital rising and value creation.

Based in Silicon Valley, Dr. Jim (James C.) Spohrer is Director, Cognitive OpenTech for IBM Research. Jim is a computer scientist known for having led the development of a new science of service systems, often known as service science, management and engineering.

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Announcing our new assessment and advisory services

Last month we announced the general availability of the Post-Lean Academy workshops.  We now also offer advisory services for corporates, PE firms and Family Offices that want to:

  • understand impact of exponential technologies
  • evaluate current innovation capabilities
  • systematically generate new disruptive ventures
  • update M&A due diligence to account for disruption
  • improve recruitment and retention of innovators

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