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Our keynotes bring breakthrough insights and perspectives.


Workshops for boards and management teams


Map industry disruption risks and opportunities. Determine disruptive innovation capability (culture, structure, processes, resources)


Design and implement higher-order organization. Train practitioners to build disruptive ventures.


Internal transformation progress. External disruption risks and opportunities.

How we help

Inspirational keynotes - decoding the disruption

Leaders often fail to adequately recognize industry disruption because they cannot see it before it is too late. Our keynotes bring new perspectives and insights for board members and management teams. They are suitable for corporate events with a high-level audience.

Education for boards and management - building a strategy

We provide in-house educational workshops for boards as well as for management teams. The workshops go beyond stimulating discussion, they provide actionable insight in the form of models and methods for clearly understanding innovation risks and opportunities.

Assessment of disruption exposure and innovation capacity

We provide management teams and boards with an unbiased and thorough assessment of a portfolio companies’ exposure to and capacity for disruptive innovation. Our assessment includes:

  • Organizational culture (mindset, behaviors, values)
  • Leadership styles and competencies
  • Leadership capital (perceived competence and character)
  • Organizational structure and processes from a change management perspective
  • Current innovation strategy, including strategic assumptions
  • Mapping industry structures and identifying relevant disruptive technologies
  • Discovering how the technologies will alter relevant industries

The assessment is done in collaboration with management and uses surveys and interviews to gather information. The outcome is a jointly authored report with findings presented and discussed in a half-day workshop.


We work with the management team to design a strategy to systemically detect and take advantage of disruption opportunities. We place particular emphasis on how to fund and develop new disruptive ventures, sourcing technologies, innovation talent and external capital as appropriate. The outcome is a jointly authored document with an executable strategy, including specific projects, deadlines, budgets and KPIs.

Monitoring and support

We provide ongoing advisory support during the transformation process. We also continue to look for external disruption opportunities and risks.

The opportunity

Corporates face massive industry disruption from a combination of exponentially developing technologies. To deliver shareholder value, they must therefore increasingly emphasize rapid renewal. This is proving very difficult. Startups are exploiting disruption opportunities much faster than corporates, which are hampered by a lack of awareness, cultural impediments and organizational structures focused more on efficiency (e.g. Lean) than innovation and renewal.

While corporates are increasingly engaged in venture investment (1/4 of VC rounds now include a corporate investor), their ability to mimic what startups do remains unimpressive. Most corporate innovation efforts are cautious, slow and incremental. Corporates also have difficulty attracting and retaining innovation talent, since young innovators are not eager to go work for big, conservative organizations. They seek self-actualization, empowerment and a sense of having an impact of the world.

Corporates risk decreasing relevance not only to customers and talent, but also to investors. General Electric, a corporate known for both execution and innovation excellence, was recently removed from the DJIA index after 133 years. Corporate lifespans are dropping steadily.

What’s needed now is a Post-Lean approach to value creation, focusing on deliberate, targeted and systematic disruption. The Post-Lean Institute is pioneering new management and innovation practices to achieve this. Corporates can profit from rather than be victims of the new post-industrial civilization that is now emerging.

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