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Evening Event with Silicon Vikings

Disruptive Corporate Innovation in a Post-Lean Era
The SF Vault, San Francisco

September 26, 2017, 6pm-8pm

In this event we will look more closely at how exponential technologies are resulting in a cycle of disruption transforming organizations and industries around the world. What are the precise mechanisms at work? Can industry disruption be systematized and made predictable? Post-Lean is a concerted attempt to connect many dots and provide a roadmap for systematic industry disruption.

Some of the issues/questions we may explore include the following:

  • What lies behind the technology disruption we are seeing everywhere?
  • How can executives and investors better detect disruption risks and opportunities?
  • How can leaders proactively develop strategies to exploit technology disruption?
  • Are new organizational structures needed in order to innovate faster?
  • What are the human resource implications of the emerging changes?
  • How can corporate leaders acquire and retain the innovation talent needed to prepare for the new era?
  • How will career models change and (how) can corporations adapt to these changes?
  • What are the implications for organizational cultures and leaderships styles?

Frode Odegard, the founder of the Post-Lean Institute, will introduce new management thinking for the post-industrial transition we are going through, and discuss what this transition means for corporations, investors, careers and society as a whole. We will also hear from a distinguished panel of experts who will share their own insights from a variety of industry, regional and personal perspectives.

Panelists who will address a range of issues around disruption in practice:

  • Frode Odegard, Founder, Post-Lean Institute
  • Hiroshi Saijo, CEO and Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratories
  • Paul Campbell, VP Innovation/Head of Silicon Valley Innovation Center for WL Gore & Assoc
  • Stephen Ciesinski, President of SRI International

Moderator: Martin Giles, Partner, Wing Venture Capital and
former Silicon Valley Correspondent for The Economist


Seating is limited. Please go to this Silicon Vikings event registration page.

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