November 29, 2018 – Sunnyvale, CA


Business Unchained: Can corporates survive the Post-Industrial Transition?

Breaking out of the incrementalist mindset

Most corporate innovation efforts today remain cautious, slow, and incremental. Corporates continue to struggle with talent retention and resistance to change.

Join us to learn about the origins and effects of the post-industrial transition and how it represents both a threat and an opportunity for corporates. We will also introduce Post-Lean Thinking, the beginning of post-industrial management science, with new tools and practices for decoding the disruption and building the future.

Key takeaways:

  • The deeper causes of today’s industry and societal disruption
  • How to map and predict industry transformation
  • How the nature of firms will change dramatically
  • How corporates can retain critical innovation talent
  • What millennials and post-millennials want from work
  • Reorganizing for disruptive innovation
  • How leaders can overcome an incrementalist culture
  • What boards must do to hold management accountable


4:00 pm: Networking, wine tasting

5:00 pm: Welcome by Michael Schreibmann, CEO, Cogniance

5:10 pm: Frode Odegard – How corporates can become disruptors

5:45 pm: Panel discussion with Eric Ly, Anne Boysen, and Michael Schreibmann

6:30 pm: Networking

7:30pm: Adjourn


Michael Shraybman is co-founder and CEO of Cogniance. He brings decades of experience delivering high-tech solutions for high-growth start-ups and large enterprises around the world. Michael has contributed to disruption in Wireless, Financial Services, Entertainment, and other verticals.


Frode Odegard, the founder of the Post-Lean Institute, will introduce new management thinking for the post-industrial transition, and discuss what this transition means for corporations, investors, careers and society as a whole. Frode is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first software company in high school.


Eric Ly, CEO and co-founder of Hub – the Human Trust Protocol, will discuss how distributed ledger technology can be used digitize, manage and scale human trust, decoupling work from firms. Eric was the co-founding CTO of LinkedIn and has a deep understanding of how technology impacts trust and collaboration. Hub earlier this year completed a $20M SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) round.

Anne Boysen, Founder of After the Millennials, is a well-known expert on post-millennials (Generation Z) . She will help us better understand how they think about consumption, careers, education and navigating the uncertainty of the world that is now emerging.



This event is restricted to board directors, investors and senior management in mature firms. Seating is limited.

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