Discover ways to leverage
Lean, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking.

Common Challenges

Innovation and execution speed
M&A integration, restructuring
New business models
Growth obstacles
Customer satisfaction
Employee engagement
Unhealthy cultures
Clarity of strategy and goals
Leadership effectiveness

Familiar Industries

IT Services
Enterprise Software
Online Media
Game Development
Aerospace & Defense
Web Development
Medical Devices
Process Control
Consumer Electronics

Joint Exploration Process

  1. Form Exploration Team

  2. For best results, the exploration process requires joint participation and ownership. We work with a high-level team of representatives from your organization, which often includes the CEO.
  3. Discovery

  4. We dig deep and gather information through interviews, surveys and by reviewing data you provide. We want to get a clear picture of where you have been, how things are going now, and where you are heading.  We may also compare you with other organizations so you know where you stand.
  5. Education

  6. We spend a day to teach your team the basics of the Lean Systems Framework (LSF). The LSF extends traditional Lean with models and methods for modern knowledge work, systems thinking and design thinking. The knowledge transfer can be done on-site or remotely as a series of online sessions. We use your own organization and your specific challenges as examples in the training.
  7. Develop Solution Scenarios

  8. We jointly develop scenarios for how you can exploit Lean, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking to meet your challenges. The scenarios take into account your organization’s change capacity, but may also include steps you can take to increase your change capacity.

Case Study

Changing business model
Accelerating services delivery


Mobiletech, a fast-growing Scandinavian web development agency, had built a local client base and had begun a rapid expansion into the US marketplace. The company specialized in developing Mobile-friendly versions of existing web sites. Over time Mobiletech had developed advanced tools to help automate this, and the company began moving from a services-based to a product-based business model. Mobiletech’s leadership also wanted to improve the speed and profitability of its service delivery model.


LSI provided a series of online educational seminars on Lean and Systems Thinking to Mobiletech’s leadership team, reviewed financial information and business plans, and interviewed leadership team members.  We jointly developed an approach for how to transition to a product-focused business model by redesigning the product and service delivery systems using Lean principles, followed by the use of Kaizen to continuously improve service delivery. The improved performance of the service delivery system could then be used to fuel the product development effort.

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