September 7, 2011, 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST  / 19:00 CET
Duration: One hour

Webinar Overview

Many organizations in the IT industry struggle with slow execution and lack of operational clarity.  Call it “the fog of business.”  The problem becomes worse as product and business complexity increases, because traditional management practices have not kept up with the complexity of modern knowledge work.

Lean Management has the potential to create organization-wide clarity. Unfortunately, Lean practitioners in the IT sector have generally not used Lean practices to provide a unified description of the organization as a whole. Also, merely looking at processes does not account for other key obstacles to performance, such as organizational misalignment, unhealthy work cultures, and poor knowledge management.

In this webinar we will discuss how to go beyond Value Stream Mapping and Kanban Boards to create a representation of a business as a “system of systems”.  You will learn about the Lean Software Institute’s five-dimensional model for describing business systems, including Product Development Systems.  We show how this model can provide breakthrough insights into why organizations encounter performance challenges.


This webinar series is aimed at CXOs and other senior executives in the IT industry who are attempting to improve their organizations’ productivity, accelerate innovation, enhance financial performance, and improve employee engagement.


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  • Frode L. Odegard, Founder & CEO, Lean Software Institute



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  • Chris Hefley, Co-Founder & CEO, LeanKitKanban
    (see this interview that we did with Chris in 2010)


This webinar has been held.  No recording is available at this time.