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October 4, 2011 – 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 19:00 CEST
Duration: One hour

Webinar Overview

We all admire companies like Toyota and Apple that really care about innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection – and pull it off! That pursuit is of course never-ending, as customers expect more and as competitors continue to improve. As David Allen likes to say, “The better you get, the better you’d better get!”

But how?

Successful companies seem to pursue excellence in different ways:

  • Building a culture that deeply cares about “getting it right”
  • Passionate leaders who demand and pursue excellence on all levels
  • Hiring and developing extremely capable people
  • Getting frequent customer feedback
  • Releasing early and often
  • Holding people accountable for results

None of these approaches are sufficient in themselves, however, because they don’t explain how an organization actually DOES to get better. What are the actual processes than need to be in place? What are the biggest practical challenges? How do we track progress?

In this webinar we will discuss how Lean Management can help software executives mobilize their employees and managers to learn faster than the competition and deliver more value faster to customers and shareholders.

You will learn about:

  • Identifying common obstacles to organizational learning
  • Kaikaku – rapidly and radically redesigning a business system
  • Kaizen – implementing company-wide continuous improvement
  • Hansei – the crucial role of reflection in organizational learning
  • Coupling learning to quantifiable results that really matter
  • Maintaining shared awareness of the organization’s learning goals
  • Who should be involved in what activities and why
  • Information Architecture − organizing and sharing what we learn
  • The importance of a “True North” (purpose) for the learning
  • Cultural values that help/hurt organizational learning
  • Leadership pitfalls and recommendations

We will also dicuss how Kaikaku and Kaizen efforts are strengthened with the use of the Lean Software Institute’s five-dimensional model (L5DM) for describing business systems, including Product Development Systems. The model provides clearer insight into causes and accelerates the design of remedies to improve business performance.


This webinar series is aimed at CXOs and other senior executives in the software/ IT industry who are attempting to improve their organizations’ productivity, accelerate innovation, enhance financial performance, and improve employee engagement.


Frode L. Odegard, Founder & CEO, Lean Software Institute

This webinar has already been held. No recording is available at this time.