November 8, 2011 – 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EST / 19:00 CEST
(Note: Rescheduled from November 1)
Duration: One hour

Webinar Overview

Lean Management is a philosophy and a set of practices to help organizations learn faster and execute better. To succeed with Lean, we have to go beyond thinking merely about delivering value for the organization and its customers. We have to directly touch employees and managers and ensure that we deliver value to them, too.

Lean also encourages (and requires) a knowledge-oriented culture where managers help their people set and reach learning goals. This often involves a signifiant shift in mindset, skills, and behaviors for managers.

In this webinar we will discuss social aspects of Lean, how we can deliver value for individual employees, and what managers must do to ensure that we do.

You will learn about:

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  • Leadership styles that sabotage learning
  • How employees experience work
  • What motivates/demotivates employees
  • What to do when people “can’t get on board”
  • Why employee needs can easily be neglected when implementing Lean
  • What managers must do to deliver genuine value for employees
  • Applying Kaizen to self-improvement



This webinar series is aimed at CXOs and other senior executives in the software/ IT industry who are attempting to improve organizational productivity, accelerate innovation, enhance financial performance, and improve employee engagement.


Frode L. Odegard, Founder & CEO, Lean Software Institute

This webinar has already taken place.