[imageeffect type=”shadow” align=”alignright” width=”148″ height=”149″ alt=”” url=”wp-content/uploads/2010/07/cio.jpg”]CIOs and COOs have to deal with a broad range of stakeholders, all of whom want more for less, faster than yesterday.  Over time, increasing business complexity often makes that harder to achieve .

Many IT organizations today are implementing some form of Agile software development, but scaling Agile and connecting it with quantifiable business value is proving difficult.  Agile methods are confined to software development and do not address the need to improve the organization’s performance as a whole.  A richer management framework is needed.

Originating with Toyota, Lean has been used to achieve significant gains in operating performance across a range of industries and functional areas, including IT.

Common benefits from implementing Lean include:

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  • Cost reductions from eliminating non-value-added work
  • 2-4 times faster product/application development
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee engagement and morale
  • Improved quality
  • A more agile, responsive organization

[/list]Lean engages your workforce in nonstop cycles of reflection, innovation, and implementation.  It thereby helps improve every function in the business.

Resources for CIOs

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  • Methodology:  A quick overview of our approach to implementing Lean.


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