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Early stage companies are primarily seeking to find a viable business model that is scalable. They go through several subsidiary stages of development:

• Inception – initial idea and team formation
• Evolve prototype with pilot customers
• Initial launch and feedback
• Adjusting the product/business model
• Getting traction and progressing to becoming a Growth Stage Company

This is not a linear path; along the way the company may change the target market, pricing, feature set and other aspects of the business model.  It may also go back and revisit earlier stages To survive, Early Stage companies must eventually become Growth Stage Companies before running out of capital.

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The Lean Systems Framework (LSF) is Lean extended for modern knowledge work. In addition to helping organizations improve processes, we have added four additional dimensions to Lean which capture challenges with Knowledge Management, Organization Structure, Product Architecture and Culture/Leaderhsip. This allows rapid design of organizations to achieve breakthrough performance improvements in  learning, innovation and execution. Modern organizations are interacting systems of humans and technology, often behaving in complex ways.  The LSF provides a language rich enough to describe all aspects of work.

The LSF also includes an extended set of methods for collaborative reflection and problem-solving.  This provides everyone in the organization with a common way of discovering, choosing and solving problems as they pursue increasingly more ambitious goals.

The LSF can be used together with Lean Startup practices to accelerate learning.  It is, however, a richer framework – it also includes practices for structuring teams, organizing information, designing product architectures and ensuring the right culture even in the early days of the company.  Whereas the standard Lean Startup recommendation is to use Agile methods for product development, the LSF unleashes the full power of Lean Product Development to further accelerate your development teams and help them improve products and processes non-stop.

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Early stage companies can use the Lean Systems Framework to arrive at a scalable business model sooner and then become a growth company.  Our coaching program helps make Lean part of the DNA of your company early on.

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Our coaching program involves everyone, from the CEO to the newest intern.  Everyone has access to the program and we work with the CEO/founders to set meaningful goals and hold everyone accountable.

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Classroom learning happens online, but coaching support is 1-1 and in discussion forums.  Sessions are recorded in case you miss them live, so you can tune in anytime you want.

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You will learn from multiple angles and perspectives all at once.  Your colleagues, participants from other companies and LSI coaches will all contribute to accelerated learning.

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We make sure that your use of Lean focuses on what creates real value for your company.  You will be working to solve your very real problems.

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If you are a founder or board member in an early stage company, we would be glad to talk with you about how to help you become a Growth Stage company sooner.  If your organization is already using Lean Startup practices, the Lean Systems Framework will strengthen your ability to successfully apply Lean to making your teams more productive.

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