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Growth companies are primarily focused on capitalizing on their innovative business model by scaling up the business.  Initially this is in the form of revenue growth and the business remains very sales-focused.

Product and service enhancements are usually incremental and focused on near-term revenue growth. At some point the business begins to become much more complex, as it adds new people, products, locations etc. Decision-making slows down and barriers between different functional areas begin to form.  We refer to this as “the wall of complexity”.

Common challenges for Growth  Companies:

• How to grow even faster
• Improving profitability
• Continuing to delight customers
• Attracting and motivating A-players
• Avoid “losing control” as you scale
• Getting bogged down by complexity


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The Lean Systems Framework (LSF) is Lean extended for modern knowledge work. In addition to helping organizations improve processes, we have added four additional dimensions to Lean which capture challenges with Knowledge Management, Organization Structure, Product Architecture and Culture/Leadership. This allows rapid design of organizations to achieve breakthrough performance improvements in  learning, innovation and execution. Modern organizations are interacting systems of humans and technology, often behaving in complex ways. The LSF provides a language rich enough to describe all aspects of work.

The LSF also includes an extended set of methods for collaborative reflection and problem-solving. This provides everyone in the organization with a common way of discovering, choosing and solving problems as they pursue increasingly more ambitious goals.

Not only does the LSF help improve the value created by the organization for its customers and shareholders, it also yields increased freedom for employees to learn innovate. This helps improve employee engagement and it makes it easier to keep great people by making the workplace a source of joy, meaning and growth.

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Growth stage companies can use the Lean Systems Framework to scale up the organization without slowing down due to unneeded bureaucracy. Instead, work becomes transparent, friction-free and easier to understand and improve. We help growth companies integrate Lean into their DNA so that instead of becoming less agile as they scale, they actually increase their capacity for rapid learning and innovation.

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Based on your specific situation, we develop a customized program for your company so that you can learn, innovate and execute faster.

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We provide courses on-site and online to help your employees and managers learn Lean concepts and methods in all aspects of the business.

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Using the Lean Systems Framework, we work with you to redesign your organization for breakthrough results and continuous improvement.

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We provide ongoing leadership coaching support, online and face-to-face, to keep your organization on the right path.

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If you are on the executive team or an investor in a growth stage company, we would be glad to talk with you about how we can help you design your organization to accelerate growth without getting bogged down by complexity.

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