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Mature organizations often have huge potential for large-scale innovation and impact, but also suffer from tremendous business complexity. This decreases the speed of innovation and execution. The significant overhead of internal coordination also hampers agility.  Operationally,  working within a mature organization can feel like being stuck on a treadmill, because everything seems to happen so slowly. Culturally there is often decreasing sensitivity to what is happening in the outwide world, and increasing focus on internal politics and misalignment.

Not all mature organizations are big, and not all large organizations are mature. It IS possible to be large and still be vibrant, speedy, innovative and relevant. Over time, however, organizational complexty coupled with growth will tend to isolate more and more people what truly matters.  The organization will eventually become increasingly irrelevant to the major trends in the outside world and that will degrade shareholder value, lead to customer attrition and make it harder to recruit and retain great people.

Leaders of mature organizations often wish they:

   • Could move faster

   • Reduce bureaucracy

   • Could ignite passion in their customers

   • Innovate faster and greate new growth

   • Could be more agile and adapt faster

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The Lean Systems Framework (LSF) is Lean extended for modern knowledge work. In addition to helping organizations improve processes, we have added four additional dimensions to Lean which capture challenges with Knowledge Management, Organization Structure, Product Architecture and Culture/Leaderhsip. This allows rapid design of organizations to achieve breakthrough performance improvements in  learning, innovation and execution. Modern organizations are interacting systems of humans and technology, often behaving in complex ways.  The LSF provides a language rich enough to describe all aspects of work.

The LSF also includes an extended set of methods for collaborative reflection and problem-solving.  This provides everyone in the organization with a common way of discovering, choosing and solving problems as they pursue increasingly more ambitious goals.

Not only does the LSF help improve the value created by the organization for its customers and shareholders, it also yields increased freedom for employees to learn innovate.  This helps improve employee engagement and it makes it easier to keep great people by making the workplace a source of joy, meaning and growth.

The LSF can be a powerful tool for senior leaders in a mature organization who wish to reshape the company to become more agile and innovative, especially when used in conjunction with an updated vision for the organization that links it more closely to the emerging future than the glorious past.

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Mature organizations can use the Lean Systems Framework to ensure non-stop innovation across the organization,  Such innovation is not only applied to products and services, but also to the organization itself. LSF helps make work simpler and more transparent so that it is easier to understand and improve. We help mature organizations use Lean to revitalize the organization and remove barriers to innovation. This helps combine the benefits of scale with the agility of growth stage companies, resulting in improved financial performance, happier customers and more engaged employees.

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Based on your specific situation, we develop a customized program for your company so that you can learn, innovate and execute faster.

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We provide courses on-site and online to help your employees and managers learn Lean concepts and methods in all aspects of the business.

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Using the Lean Systems Framework, we work with you to redesign your organization for breakthrough results and continuous improvement.

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We provide ongoing leadership coaching support, online and face-to-face, to keep your organization on the right path.

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If you are a senior executive or a board member in a mature organization, we would be glad to talk with you about how we can help you design your organization to unleash innovation, improve agility and speed excution.  If your organization is already using Lean, the Lean Systems Framework will strengthen your ability to successfully apply Lean to knowledge work.

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