European Media House facing overwhelming app development demand

Managing demand from multiple internal customers required a redesign of the development organization.

When everyone wants everything — yesterday 

Schibsted, a European media conglomerate, was transitioning from printed to online content, a complex process because the divergent app development needs of each of the media houses in its portfolio. The apps were developed on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and web. Some were advertising-related, and therefore revenue sources impacting near-term financial performance. Others were editorial in nature, tied to major sporting events, elections, etc.  Stakeholders in the various media houses often found themselves competing for fixed app development resources. The lead time for app development requests was measured in months, often made worse by requirements and priorities changing significantly underway.


The Schibsted Digital Media division engaged LSI to help it redesign its development organization.  A working group was assembled and trained to use the Lean Systems Framework’s Kaikaku method to map the existing development organization and then redesign it based on Lean principles.


  • App development time reduced from months to weeks or days

  • Improved transparency

  • Improved knowledge management

  • Greater awareness of cultural obstacles

  • Greater agility for accommodating last-minute changes

  • Successful implementation of Lean Development practices