Developing effective leaders

Leadership is the ongoing process of inducing others to pursue a common goal or purpose. Considering the disengaged, misaligned and demoralized workforces in many firms, it remains a difficult challenge.

Executives should expect their managers to add real value as leaders instead of merely functioning as resource administrators. Today employees expect more autonomy. In the technology industry, with its high demand for capable people, many leaders have realized that it is best to relate to employees as paid volunteers.

Developing good leaders is no easy task. Developing leaders who in turn develop their people is even harder. An additional complication is that employee tenures are shorter now – it is no longer a given that people will stay more than a few years – or even months, in the case of technology startups.

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Lean Leadership in a Disruptive World

July 3, 2015

Lean Leadership is a leadership style that focuses on developing subordinates as problem-solvers and innovators so they can evolve the organization faster. In this article we discuss existing obstacles to Lean Leadership, how these are about to grow much larger due to disruptive technology, and what the road ahead might look like.

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