Reinventing Lean for modern work

The Lean Systems Framework™ is the result of a decade-long effort to apply Lean to knowledge work in modern organizations, from startups to multi-national enterprises. It leverages ideas from Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Cognitive Psychology and offers a richer and more general set of models and methods for organizational design, innovation and culture change.

Classical Lean was born in an industrial economy, but today we have a knowledge-based economy. Work is much more complex. Everything changes faster. Also, Lean has traditionally been inward-focused in its application. In contrast, Lean Startup movement focuses on learning about the external world – the world of the customer.

Both approaches are incomplete and fail to address the full spectrum of organizational learning needs. The Lean Systems Framework™ supports learning about the external world as well as improving internal execution.

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White Papers

Extending Lean for Knowledge Work: A Retrospective

June 25, 2015

Over the last decade, the Lean Systems Institute has helped non-manufacturing and knowledge-intensive organizations that wanted to improve execution and become Learning Organizations. This white paper discusses how we extended Toyota’s Lean for this purpose and reviews some lessons learned.

External Publications

Extending Lean for Knowledge Work
Cutter IT Journal, April 2013