This section provides tools to help you further exploit the ideas in our webinars, blog posts and white papers.

Goal Effectiveness Evaluation

We have developed an easy-to-use Excel tool that reveals how your team feels about the effectiveness of your goal-setting.  We are providing this tool free of charge for registered visitors to our web site.  Just click the button below to download it.   Make sure you first watch the goal-setting webinar.


Discover your Cognitive Preference

Based on two decades of research by our strategic partner, OpenBook Learning, the Cognitive Preference Survey (CPS) is a powerful tool for understanding how you use your brain.  The CPS has been used to help both children and adults (including Fortune 100 executives) accelerate their learning and improve their decision-making.  It is also an invaluable tool for improving collaboration with others. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will result in a comprehensive report emailed to you, with customized recommendations.  For an introduction to the CPS, view this webinar recording.